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Companies in Memmingen

The city of Memmingen has evolved in recent years into a major business location. The company structure is diverse: in addition to mechanical and electrical engineering, chemical industry, packaging industry, there are many construction companies and other service providers among others.

A whole range of “hidden champions”, whose services and strengths emanate far beyond the region, some of whom have even succeeded in becoming worldwide market leaders, can be found in Memmingen. This range includes Berger, Dachser, Goldhofer, Hans Kolb Corrugated Board, Magnet-Schultz, Pfeifer Rope and Lifting Technology, Rohde and Schwarz, Stetter Construction Machines and other important Memmingen companies. With high growth rates, domestic industry has achieved a turnover of over a billion euros. The proportion of non-domestic turnover is almost 30%.