City of Memmingen:Favourable framework conditions

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der Stadt Memmingen

Michael Haider
Kuttelgasse 22
87700 Memmingen

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Favourable framework conditions

Memmingen offers favourable framework conditions for investors. Municipal politics is working continuously on improving the quality of the location. Ongoing expansion work is being carried out on the infrastructure which is tuned to the needs of the economy. Fast approval procedures carried out by an efficient administration make it easy for investors to decide in favour of Memmingen as an attractive location.

Sensible and forward-thinking economic policy

What distinguishes economic policy and budgetary policy is forwarding-thinking action: Sensible economics in the past have allowed the town to continuously keep its investments at a high level. Furthermore, the town’s comparatively low public debt offers a certain scope for initiating anti-cyclical measures and implementing future projects that are contrary to the trend. Due to the above-average presence of companies in the construction industry in Memmingen, this is a decision that creates and secures jobs.

Stable rates mean planning reliability

Due to the fact that the business tax rate of 330% has remained unchanged since 1972, the town has proven itself to be a reliable partner in economics, a fact which has been thoroughly acknowledged by the economy. The comparatively low rate is significantly lower than the Bavarian average.

Low unemployment rate

The unemployment rate (based on all civil employed persons: annual average of 2015) issued by the Memmingen Employment Agency is 2.7%, which is also ultimately a result of business oriented policies and various measures relating to labour market policies. Our foreign citizens have become well integrated in the working world as a consequence of the labour market situation.

Bavarian Quality Award 2004 – Business-friendly community

The town’s efforts were honoured by the Bavarian Quality Award 2004 "Business-friendly community" by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Bavarian Quality Award is an award which acknowledges Bavarian enterprises and particularly business-friendly Bavarian towns which have been found to provide excellent services in the field of quality and quality management. “The Quality Award 2004 was given to the town of Memmingen in the category of independent municipalities in Bavaria for its efforts to disburden the economy from unnecessary bureaucracy and to optimise location conditions. The towns which won awards have proven that they are well equipped for intense competition in attracting businesses,” the Bavarian minister of economic affairs, Dr. Otto Wiesheu, said at the award ceremony.