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der Stadt Memmingen

Michael Haider
Kuttelgasse 22
87700 Memmingen

Telefon: 08331/850-733
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The business location of Memmingen

International market leaders from Memmingen

Efficient industry has made Memmingen a strong business location – over 12,200 people are employed in the production industry.

A whole range of “hidden champions”, whose services and strengths emanate far beyond the region, some of whom have even succeeded in becoming worldwide market leaders, can be found in Memmingen. This range includes Berger, Dachser, Goldhofer, Hans Kolb Corrugated Board, Magnet-Schultz, Pfeifer Rope and Lifting Technology, Rohde and Schwarz, Stetter Construction Machines and other important Memmingen companies. With high growth rates, domestic industry has achieved a turnover of over a billion euros. The proportion of non-domestic turnover is almost 30%.

The varied retail opportunities are in accordance with the function of a main commercial centre. More than 6400 people work in Memmingen in trade, the hospitality industry and in transport, in addition to about 11,200 in the other services.

Second largest connected industrial area in Swabia

The town of Memmingen has continually developed its northern industrial area situated at the intersection of the A7 and A96 motorways through foresighted real estate policy and planning and has - at considerable expense - created a modern infrastructure that meets demands on an area of approx. 300 ha. Renowned Memmingen companies have established themselves or have relocated to Dr.-Karl-Lenz-Strasse. The Memmingen Brewery AG, as well as companies in the commercial and industrial field such as Stetter Construction machines, Pfeifer Ropes and Lifting Technology as well as Hans Kolb Corrugated Board found a new location in Swabia’s second largest connected industrial area.

Fraunhoferstrasse, to the north of the A96 motorway, was also chosen as a new developable location by Buzil, Gienger, Thomas and the Memmingen Media Centre. The latest firm that has located here is the English luxury brand of Aston Martin who built their second subsidiary in Bavaria in the northern industrial area. An increasing number of firms in the field of logistics have established themselves at this important traffic interface, such as Dachser’s Allgäu subsidiary, Gebrüder Weiss, Honold/Epple forwarding agents and Kolb. Furthermore, the Gebrüder Weiss and Dachser companies have expanded recently.

Roughly 2000 jobs have been created in the area to the north of the A96 in recent years. Further jobs will follow because there are still gaps in the large area.

Memmingen’s diversified and medium-sized structure provides jobs for over 29,900 people altogether.