City of Memmingen:Theaterplatz

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Red Route - Theaterplatz


The Elsbethen nunnery once stood on the site of this elegant Neo Baroque style theatre. After its dissolution during the Reformation, the nunnery was used as an arsenal. The building was converted into a theatre at the beginning of the C.19th. and Memmingen now has its own ensemble.

Auflösung der Klöster

Only 3 of Memmingen’s 6 original nunneries and monasteries survived the Reformation; the Kreuzherrn monastery, the Augustinian hermitage and the Franciscan nunnery.


The “Unicorn” pharmacy, dating from 1489, is the oldest in Memmingen and lies directly en route to the next information-board. Unicorns were considered to be not only a symbol of the Virgin Mary, but were also endowed with universal healing-powers.