City of Memmingen:Martin-Luther-Platz

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Red Route - Martin-Luther-Platz


The main attractions in this rather austere church are the Baroque chancel, the modern organ and the choir stalls dating from 1507; the work of local craftsmen and some of the most impressive in southern Germany. As the starting-point of the Memmingen Reformation, the “Martin’s Church” had great influence on the entire region.


The fresco above the main entrance depicts scenes from the life of St. Anthony, to whom this church is dedicated. The monks from the nearby Antonierhaus worshipped here until 1562. Since then Evangelical-Lutheran, the church is also the home of the children’s sunday school.


Victims of the terrible illness “St. Vitus’ dance”
were treated here by the monks. The 4-winged Antonierhaus, today the home of both the Anto-nitermuseum and the Strigelmuseum, is deemed one of the best-preserved of its kind in Europe.