City of Memmingen:Marktplatz

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Red Route - Marktplatz


The townhall, built in 1589, acquired its present façade in the C.18th. To this day the seat of the town-council, it also hosts the municipal-administration centre.


The “Taxhouse” arcades exude southern flair; the additional storey, built in the C.18th. and the flamboyant Roccoco frescos give the building its present unmistakeable character.


The Memmingen patricians formed their own guild (Großzunft) in 1347. The imposing guildhall reflects the measure of their influence.

St. Johann

The former church and priory are the sole remaining elements of the Augustinian hermitage, which was dissolved in 1803.

Blaue Saul

The blue corner-column which gives this building its name is one of Memmingen’s 7 emblems.