City of Memmingen:Herrenstraße

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Red Route - Herrenstraße


The Baroque-palace of Benedikt von Herman, today the home of the town museum, was built in 1766 and hosted many important guests, including King Ludwig I, Kaiser Franz I and Zar Alexander.


The clock-face of this imposing church-tower was the work of Bernhard Strigel in 1524. The 8-sided tower-extension with its watchman’s chamber was added in 1537. Matthias Böblinger from Ulm built the volcanic tuff chancel 1496-1499.


The name “Herrenstraße” (Lords’ Street) pays tribute to the important Memmingen families who lived here. The trading-associations in Memmingen were comparable to those in Augsburg or Nürnberg during the late Middle Ages.