City of Memmingen:Gerberplatz

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Red Route - Gerberplatz


The tanners produced leather for saddles, shoes and bridles with the help of tanning-bark; and with the use of alum, more finely-worked leather for articles of clothing. The tanning-process could last up to 3 years.


The most distinctive house in Memmingen, the “Seven-Roofs House”, bears witness to the im-portance of the tannery craft. The dormer-win-dows within the high gabels could be opened to allow the leather to dry effectively. The house was bombed on 20.04.1945 and badly damaged.


The “Basilisk”, one of Memmingen’s “7 emblems”, lived in a house in the tannery lane and was accredited with occasional mysterious.


The cabinet-makers “Vogt” obtained the gold medal for their New Gothic altar at the World Fair in Chicago 1893.