City of Memmingen:Zollergarten

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Green Route - Hexenturm


The “Witches’ Tower”, the oldest of Memmingen’s 3 prison towers, represents clearly the cruelty of the earlier judicial-system. Known as the “Adulterers’ Tower”, before the onset of the Witch-Hunts.


Once a private garden belonging to the family Zoller, the Zollergarten is a green gem, planted on the site of the filled in town-moat, within the oldest remains of the town-wall (C.12th.).


The “Entry Gate”, built in 1475, was the sole means of access to the town during the night. Of the former 8 town-gates, the Ulmer Tor, Westertor, Lindauer Tor and Kempter Tor have also remained standing to this day.


32 gateways and towers combined to make up the picture of the “imperial free city” Memmingen. The “Beggars’ Tower”, built in 1471, also served as an alms-house during the C.19th.