City of Memmingen:Weberstraße

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Green Route - Weberstraße


The executioner’s duties included not only torture and the fulfillment of the death-penalty, he was also responsible for cleaning the town-wall and slaughtering sick animals.

Stadtmauer an der Hohen Wacht

At least half of the originally 3 kilometre long town-wall remains standing. Almost the entire east side of the wall was destroyed with the onset of the building of the railway, in 1862. 


Until the Reformation, the brothel was to be found isolated in the South-West corner of the town. The employees here, like the exe- cutioner, were considered social outcasts.


The weavers’ linen wares were among Memming-en’s most successful export goods up until the beginning of the C.16th.

Kempter Tor

The Kempten gate, completed in 1393, is typical of the 37 gates and towers formerly guarding the town. Not only does the tower signify the will of the town to defend itself, but also indicates by its name the strong trading links with neighbouring towns.