City of Memmingen:Luginsland

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Green Route - Luginsland


The “Luginsland” (panoramic) corner tower in this, the so-called “Suburbs of Ulm”, quarter was once the highest in the whole town

Ulmer Tor

The style of this gateway is typical of the time before the 30 Years War. The modern mural portrays the entry of King Maximilian into “his” imperial city Memmingen in 1489. The town came under Bavarian control in 1803.


This house, once belonging to an old trading family, is characterised by its overhanging storeys. Today it houses the office for heritage and the Arts, the adult education centre, the town archives and the science library.

Neue Welt

The county garden-show in 2000 paved the way for this 18 hectare leisure-area, now the town park, with the name “New World”. Enjoy the water meadows or take a stroll through the parkland to the lake.