City of Memmingen:Lindauer Tor

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Green Route - Lindauer Tor


Building outside the town-wall first became common-practice during the 1880’s. The old promenade is lined with villas from Germany’s industrial expansion era (Gründerzeit).

Lindauer Tor

The Lindauer Tor, built in 1371, was the postern-gate on the important tradesroute towards Lindau, on the shores of Lake Constance, and Switzerland. The cannonball embedded in the wall is a relict from the 9-weeks’ siege of 1647.


A moat was one of the essential components of earlier defence-works. The water-courses between the Kempter Tor and Luginsland prohibited enemy approaches on the East side, while, on the West side, attack was impeded by the higher-level deep trench with its steep sides and entangled thorn bushes.