City of Memmingen:St. James pilgrimage route

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The Way of St. James pilgrimage route

The way of St. James is an extensive route network with numerous starting points spreading out across Europe. The destination of all these paths is the grave of St. James in Santiago de Compostela. There are thus several Ways of St. James in South Germany too such as the Bavarian-Swabian Way of St. James pilgrimage route which runs from Ries across Allgäu to Constance passing straight through Memmingen on its route.

The so-called St. James’s scallop, which can be seen on all the paths, is the symbol of this pilgrimage route. The scallop symbols vary from region to region. The Bavarian scallop points with its top into the right direction.

The Way of St. James through Memmingen

The path comes from Babenhausen and runs through Eisenburger woods, past Grünenfurt, through the park "Neue Welt" and approaches the town of Memmingen from the north.

Along the old town wall, past "Zollergarten" the route leads to the "Kreuzherrn" monastery, where the early pilgrims used to stay and turns right to the market place.

From here you follow the “Red Route” with its many sights through the town to Frauenkirchplatz. On the church’s left, the path runs to the old town wall and then through an archway into the park "Reichshain". At the park's exit, go on straight ahead, after 70 ms, the path leads left towards Schanzmeister. After crossing the road at the large crossing, you turn diagonally right opposite into Dickenreiser Weg. After a further 450 m you then turn right again.

The path then continues straight on through meadows and forests past Dickenreishausen towards Kronburg.