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Tourist Information
Marktplatz 3
87700 Memmingen 
Tel. 08331 / 850-172 u. -173
Fax 08331 / 850178

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday 
    9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
  • Saturday
    9.30 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

Cycling in Memmingen and its surroundings

The town of Memmingen and the administrative district of Lower Allgäu offer cyclists the best conditions for unlimited biking fun. A cycle path network of roughly 1100 kilometres links the region’s cycle paths and invites to tours of discovery. Gentle hills and wide river valleys, meadows in bloom and dense woods define the multi-faceted countryside of the Kneipp® region in Unterallgäu, making it an outdoor sport paradise for young and old.

A continuous, uniform sign system in Memmingen and in the entire district mean that cyclists are well-guided and these signs also provide extensive information. Thus, the signposts show the distances to the places indicated and also give information as to whether a section is asphalted or not. Intermediate signs along the route show the course of the cycle path. Furthermore, plaques mark out long distance cycle routes and regional routes, such as the Iller, Kneipp or Günz Valley cycle track. For those who prefer to plan their bike tour and wish to find out about cycling distances, sights, path surface and any possible gradients in advance, the “Cycling in the Kneipp® region in Unterallgäu” cycling map contains all useful background information.

The map suggests a total of 46 possible trips: 30 regional routes, 6 road bike trips and 10 cycle tracks which all follow the signposted routes.    

The detailed information on elevation profiles and the course of routes shown in the accompanying leaflet makes it easy to select a trip that suits one’s own requirements. The cycling map can be purchased from Memmingen Tourist Information Centre for € 6.00.

The comprehensive range of services for all cycling enthusiasts is supplemented by the interactive cycling portal on the internet It is possible to find out about all signposted routes in detail and to load GPS data onto mobile navigation systems. Furthermore, the portal contains tips all about bikes as well as information about sights, Kneipp facilities, recreational facilities, cafes and restaurants.

As cycling is more fun in a group, there are organised bike trips in Memmingen once a week. The ADFC Memmingen-Lower Allgäu e.V. offers organised evening bike trips every Wednesday at 6.30 pm from April to the end of September for all everyday cyclists and touring cyclists as well as for all those who simply enjoy cycling.  There are five different groups that go on cycling trips in the Memmingen area. Each group cycles a different route at a different speed. The meeting point is in front of the Town Hall on the Market Square. Citizens and guests are most welcome to take part.