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der Stadt Memmingen

Michael Haider
Kuttelgasse 22
87700 Memmingen

Telefon: 08331/850-733
Telefax: 08331/850-732


Memmingen – the dynamic regional metropolis in Allgäu and Middle Swabia

The independent municipality of Memmingen is a regional metropolis and this can particularly be seen in the economic field.  The town with its industrial, trade and service enterprises is the destination of approx. 18,300 commuters (status 30.06.14) every day who are employed here. The reason for such positive development in recent years is a balanced medium-sized structure with efficient companies, the extremely favourable location with good links for road, rail and air traffic as well as successful local politics with specific economic measures. These efforts were honoured when the Bavarian Quality Award in 2004 was given by the Bavarian minister of economic affairs, Dr. Otto Wieshau and the minister of internal affairs, Dr. Günther Beckstein.

Memmingen has a large catchment area of roughly 261,000 inhabitants in the south of the transboundary Danube-Iller region. As a regional metropolis with sound institutions and socio-economic structures, Memmingen’s influence radiates far beyond the boundaries of the town and district into neighbouring Baden-Württemberg. This can be seen by the fact that over 3000 people commute to work from Baden-Württemberg every day. There is currently no data

For future-oriented investors:
trade and industrial land in the second largest industrial area in Swabia on the intersection of the A7 and A96.